Stop the Stink With Downy Unstopables


Have you noticed the fitness craze with moms? It’s all around us, and I’ve been watching it bloom over the past few years. Zumba, Crossfit, bootcamp, running……You know, since I was interested in fitness and started this site back in 2008. Maybe the craze was there all along and I just chose to blissfully ignore it because I didn’t want to sweat or, God forbid, stink.

I LOVE to sweat now. There’s no better feeling than accomplishing a tough workout that makes you drip in sweat, and having that endorphin high for the rest of the day. That high is what gets me through all the crazy things I have to do as a mother. If I don’t workout, it’s harder to stay motivated in all the areas of my life.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 2012 is the year of the Fit Mom.

A Fit Mom is a stay-at-home mom who juggles her family’s various daily activities while simultaneously making her personal exercise routine and fitness a priority too. It doesn’t matter if you are a mom to be or a mother of three, moms everywhere are making moves.

But, with all that dripping sweat and running around, a lot of times I’m stuck wearing OMG stinky workout clothes while I run errands. Gross.

Recently I was contacted by the fine people at Downy about a new product. It’s called Unstopables, and I’m pretty sure they named it after moms.

Luckily Downy Unstopables, an in-wash scent booster, keeps performance fabrics amazingly fresh and smelling great after a long, hard day of being a Fit Mom, without reducing their performance capabilities.  The scent of Unstopables lasts up to twelve weeks, so Fit Moms can also use it on their supply of gym towels and they’ll be fresh no matter when she grabs them from the closet.

I have tried out Downy Unstopables on my workout gear this week, and so far so good. My workout clothes are so fresh smelling, even after a workout! Be sure if you use it, not to use too much because it’s potent! It comes in a bead type form, and I’ve been using about 20 ‘beads’ for my small loads of workout gear, which I was on cold and hang to dry. Even workout clothes that have previously been retired because I couldn’t get rid of the stink have been resurrected thanks to Unstopables!

Unstopables comes in three versions – Fresh, a cool, crisp scent, Lush, a soothing, lavender scent and the NEW Shimmer, a sweet floral scent – and we are giving away 10 full-size bottles to 10 of our lucky readers!

For a chance to win, please leave a comment telling us about your stinkiest workout!

Giveaway end on Friday, August 31. Ten winners will be chosen at random and listed on this post next Saturday. We will also attempt to notify the winners via email or social media, so make sure you leave us you scent 😉

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Disclosure: I received a full-size sample of Downy Unstopables. I agreed to write this review and host this giveaway, and have not been compensated monetarily. Thankfully my gym clothes are smelling pretty fresh, which is payment enough.

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