Weekly Check-In {August 15}


Wow, can you believe we’re already smack-dab in the middle of August?!  Sadly, that means summer is coming to an end, but on the upside, at least it means we’ve survived the dog days of summer.  Temperatures for many folks have already started to cool which makes being active outdoors much more enjoyable again.  Kids are heading back to school which means moms will probably have some more time for themselves.

For me, I know the coming arrival of September will mean meetings at Weight Watchers will be busier again.  My leader even mentioned at our meeting on Sunday that September is one of the busiest months for them, right up there with January even!

Not being a mom, I don’t really think about my summer really being that different than the rest of the year.  The biggest thing for me is just a lot more outdoor social activities like BBQs and such.   Even though I have a bit more temptation, I don’t really feel like summer derails my healthy lifestyle since it also means more hours of daylight for getting in outdoor workouts, lots of fresh fruits & vegetables, etc.  For me, it actually makes staying on track a bit easier.

What about for you?  Does summer negatively impact your healthy lifestyle efforts?  Leave us a comment below with you thoughts and don’t forget to link up your Weekly Check-In link, too!  As for me, I was down 2 pounds this week.  Woo Hoo!

Before I end this point, I wanted to also send out a big shout out to Brooke on being named the Ultimate Olympian and winner of a $100 gift card during our recent Shrinking Olympics.  If I counted correctly, she won a total of NINE medals!  She won GOLD in Plank Hold, 4 x 1 Mile Relay, Squat Holds, and Push-Ups.  She won SILVER in the 1/2 Marathon Relay, 500m Swim, 6 Mile Cycling, and Wall Sits.  Finally, she won a BRONZE in the 1 Mile Dash.  Congratulations and awesome job, Brooke!!

In closing, I have one final reminder.  Just because the Olympics are over, that’s no reason to let your Olympic Spirit fade away.  There’s still plenty of time this month to keep working on your Gold Medal Ass!

Have a GREAT rest of the week!


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