How to Have a Happy, Healthy Heart


When you think of heart disease, most likely images of the elderly or the male gender come to mind. That is just not the case. Cardiovascular disease can effect absolutely anyone, including both women and children. Today is World Heart Day -a day to bring awareness to this growing epidemic. Making a few small changes could save your life. It’s time to focus on your heart -it deserves to be happy and healthy!

Facts about heart disease:

  • Heart disease is the LEADING cause of death in women in the United States. Often thought of as a “man’s disease”, cardiovascular disease accounts for 1 out of 3 female deaths. That is equal to about ONE DEATH PER MINUTE.
  • Even women who have no symptoms are at risk. Two-thirds of women who die from coronary heart disease have had no previous symptoms.
  • The risk for heart disease can begin in childhood. Unhealthy diet and sedentary behaviors early in life can lead to heart disease in adulthood, even in children with no family history of heart disease.
  • Childhood obesity and high blood pressure in adolescence can greatly effect the chances of a child suffering from heart disease as an adult, which can lead to premature death.

Together, we can prevent heart disease and stroke.

Most heart disease and stroke can be prevented by making healthy changes.What can you do?

  • STOP SMOKING {or don’t ever start}!
    • Just say “NO” to tobacco! After stopping smoking for 15 years, the risk of heart attack falls to the same level as it would be for someone that has never smoked.
    • Avoid secondhand smoke. 600,000 nonsmokers, including children, are killed every year from secondhand smoke.
    • Get moving with 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on most days of the week.
    • Make small changes to add more physical activity into your day:
      • Take the stairs.
      • Play outside with your children.
      • Walk or bike to work.
      • Park towards the back of the parking lot and walk farther.
      • Do lots of household chores. Who doesn’t love a clean house?
      • Mow your lawn or spend the day gardening.
    • Set realistic goals. Don’t plan on heading out to run a marathon on your first day of exercising.
    • We all know we should eat our fruits and veggies, but do you? Start now!
    • Reduce your intake of saturated and trans fats, sodium, and sugar.
    • Get your weight into your healthy range.
    • Practice portion control. You don’t need to give up everything you love, moderation is key!
    • Get your children involved in the kitchen. Teach them about healthy eating and help them make good choices.

Up to 80% of all cardiovascular disease is preventable. What are you going to do TODAY to make sure your heart is happy?

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is hosting a virtual 5K/10K/Kids’ Fun Run! Register by October 7th. A portion of proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association.

World Heart Federation.

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