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Ok people, it’s that time of the week again. Time to don your birthday suit and hop on that scale and see what’s happenin’! Or, if you are like me lately, what isn’t happenin’!

What’s that you say? You need a nudge? How about this one for your body and this one for your soul? Why not print our September Fitness Calendar and the Simple Tasks Calendar and keep them on the fridge? Or on your nightstand? Bathroom mirror even? Anywhere you can see them daily and be reminded of two ways to make this a great month, even if the scale may not be showing a great number. It’s not about the number, remember? You know that!

For me, I’m hoping the fitness calendar will get me out of a plateau and the Simple Tasks Calendar will get me out of my head about being stuck in a plateau!

Need more reasons to check in with us?

Here ya go…

Top Ten Reasons to Check In TODAY!

10. With no dedicated challenge going on, you can make your scale dance part of your workout for the day.

9. Sisters here at the ‘Hood are skilled in talking ya off the ledge.

8. You know your jeans have been shrinking! Now it’s time to see the number on the scale follow suit!

7. What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

6. The piper has not been paid in ages and is threatening to go on strike.

5. End of summer = new season of focusing on YOU.

4. You have to start somewhere!

3. When a new Shrinking Jeans challenge does start, you will already know where you’re at!

2. Don’t you want to see if all those Zumba sessions and baby carrot sticks have paid off?

1. We want to share in your celebrations and kick any frustration to the curb. The only way for the Sisterhood to support each other is by sharing.

So how ’bout it? Share in the comments. Post a link to your blog posts. We are all in this together and quite frankly, we rock regardless of what that number says!

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