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Hello from Fitbloggin!

Me and Thea are here at our favorite fitness blogging conference of all time here in Baltimore! Yesterday we hit up the McCormick Spice tour, a tour of the facility where they come up with all the spicy ideas, test new ones, test how spices work in foods and  marinades, and there are chefs on staff there doing all of this, doctors and scientists, it was truly fascinating!

They made us a healthy, delicious lunch to show us just how spices can transform our food.

There was chicken, there was fish, there was farro (have you tried farro?) there was an amazing red curry vinaigrette that was to die for.

It made me realize I’m NOT doing enough with all this good food and I am greatly underestimating the power of the spice.

I can be way more creative than I am by just using some spices! Here were some ways they suggested:

  • Thyme leaves instead of salt on eggs
  • Oregano on open-faced fresh mozz grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Add cinnamon to the morning smoothies
  • Ground ginger on fruit salad

You can reduce the sodium in your food and then pump up the flavor using spices instead, it seems so simple that I don’t know why I wasn’t this creative before.

Which made me wonder, do you do that too? What’s your favorite way to do spices? Join us over at the #fitbloggin hashtag (I’m @christieo and Thea is @itsmevsme on Twitter) to follow the rest of our journey here. Today we’re doing some serious working out, which may include some cross fit! 

Disclosure: McCormick is one of our sponsors for Fitbloggin. All opinions are my own.

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