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Welcome to another great edition of Toot Your Horn Tuesdays, where we brag all about how completely and utterly awesome we are. Seriously. It’s good for you, so just do it!

Today is an important day in the history of the United States of America, so I just want to acknowledge September 11, 2001, the incredible loss of life, and the survivors, friends, and family members.

Hitting the Refresh Button

This week my Toot is all about hitting the refresh button. It seems like a lot of us around here are trying to get back into a groove, finding fresh starts, celebrating fitness, embracing who we are, finding our love for exercise, and just looking for some new (and rediscovering old) inspiration. Yes, it seems like Fall just brings this out everywhere you look, this need to renew, refresh, regroup, and recommit.

It is so important to hit the refresh button (and not the snooze button!) because sometimes we just get stuck spinning and spinning around in a rut and going no where. When we get into that rut, it’s so hard to climb out and get back to where we were, but if we just hit refresh, and give ourselves permission to start FRESH, there isn’t so much pressure.

So this week I hit refresh. Over the weekend I filled my calendar up with all the events and dates and things I need to do. A big part of that calendar is making time to workout. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t have time, it’s that I find other things to do with that time, and before I know it, it’s all slipped away. So I figured if I put it on my calendar (with alerts and alarms and electric shock reminders ((okay not really on that last one)), that I couldn’t avoid it, or put it off, or forget.

Here is my calendar, and I took all the other crap off so you wouldn’t have to see all of the field trips and kid activities and cleaning chores (yes, I schedule those too – maybe I’m a tad OCD?). You can see that all of my workouts are there. They are actually set to the time they occur, and there are reminders. And you know what? So far this week I have stuck with it. I actually did more, by going for a run on Sunday to kick off the week right. I’m also going to give Yoga a try on Wednesdays – I’ve never done it before!

(click it to biggify it 🙂

Now it’s your turn to Toot Your Horn, and if you don’t mind, tell me if you’ve hit the refresh button lately!

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