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This is my favourite time of year. The kids are back in school, I’m back in school. There’s a nip to the morning air that whispers of the promise of autumn just around the corner. There’s a clean slate-feeling to September, isn’t there? The lazy (hah!) days of summer are behind us. The new notebooks are still crisp and inviting, the coloured pencils are all sharpened, and there’s a spring in everyone’s step as they head out the door.

What seemed like drudgery last June now seems fresh and exciting. And I’m not just talking about school. My workout schedule went on vacation right around the time the boys did. At the end of June. 10 long weeks ago. I made a few half-hearted attempts in the first few weeks, and then I didn’t even bother any more. Don’t get me wrong – I had a fun active summer, possibly the most active since I was a kid. And I would not trade playing with my kids, chasing them around, exploring nature trails and the like for anything in the world. Certainly not for a thirty minute run. But now? Even despite having a hectic schedule, the idea of following a workout plan seems fresh and exciting. I had my time off, I enjoyed it immensely, and now I’m ready to get back to it with renewed zest.

But what, exactly, is it? There are a lot of runners here at Shrinking Jeans. I gave it a whirl, but it’s not my bag, baby. (that’s for you, Heather!) I like to have a plan, to have an end goal of… something, but I don’t like to do events. Here are a few things I’m contemplating:

  • a twelve week weight training program
  • the swim a mile training schedule found here
  • joining a nordic walking group
  • joining an indoor rock climbing club

Those are ordered from most to least likely to happen 🙂 But I’d like to know what your plan is. How are you going to jumpstart your fall fitness program? 

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