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Where I live, it’s getting cooler.  I  love the crisp air that the fall brings (sooo much easier for running  than in that blasted humidity). That’s the good news.

The bad news is fewer daylight hours and the ever-present urge which returns each year around this time: hibernation mode. For me, those hibernation tendencies may sometimes include episodes of wanting to eat everything in sight.  That’s why I get a bit worried about my health and fitness journey when the seasons change.

To not get off track, I’ve learned  I have to ramp up my planning and toss the all or nothing way of thinking out the window when it comes to squeezing a workout into the day, in any part of the day I can squeeze it into.  I’ve also learned it helps me to add some variety into the mix, which helps me to stay off the couch.

I have been thinking of my Workout Attack Plan for the fall and upcoming winter months. It looks something like this:

1. Clear away all the crap that is in the basement that prevents the treadmill from being pulled out in its ‘ready-to-go’ position, rather than it being folded up like a card table, with a few pairs of jeans drying on it.

2. Get back to the Wii! Just tonight I tried Wii Zumba for the first time since my husband gave it to me for Christmas. What a blast! And I also have and have enjoyed Just Dance 1-3 and Wii Fit and even a game for the Wii that has good ol Jillian and Bob yelling at me from the Biggest Loser ranch. I will also remember that I have access to free workouts via Comcast on Demand, free DVDs at the library and all sorts of spiffy free workouts on my smartphone apps.

3. Continue with my running club, which meets every Sunday morning no matter what the season is. I am considering signing up for a Turkey Trot 10k in late November just because I know training for it will really amount to “built in off the couch time”.

Don’t forget we also have this great calendar to keep us moving:

AND, the Run the Hood Zombie Dash!

I think I am ready to attack October. Are you? How do you adapt your routines for the change of seasons? Does fall pose a challenge for you? Please share in the comments!

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