embarrassing moment at the gym


The other day at the gym I was pumping iron, I was busy looking down at my droid phone, not paying attention at all to where I was going.

I pushed open a door to what I thought was the women’s locker room.  Wanna know how I knew I was in the wrong locker room? When I glanced up from my phone to be greeted by the sight of a wall of URINALS and a BUTT-NAKED MAN standing at one of them, doing his thing.

I quickly turned around and got out of there fast. I didn’t want him to turn around because 1)O-M-G, embarrassing and mortifying at the same time AND 2)if he had turned around, I am pretty sure I would have inadvertently looked DOWN.  Not on purpose, ya’ll but just because, you know……you know.  I have been with my husband since 1994 and it’s been a long time……why am I trying to explain this?!

Thank goodness he didn’t turn around.

I saved myself from turning beet red and having to face this man at the gym every time I went.

He had big feet though : ).  I’m just kidding- I didn’t look at his feet.

This post is going from bad to worse.

That was my embarrassing moment at the gym- have you ever had a moment like this?  Or have you seen something at the gym, on the trail or elsewhere that you just can’t believe you are seeing? C’mon- SPILL IT!

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