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Welcome to Becoming Me, a monthly blog series where I set out to answer questions developed by Christie Inge, HHC in an effort to dig a little deeper and get to the heart of some of my esteem, body, and food issues.

Last month, I tackled the issue of the role exercise plays in my life.

This month’s question:

Do you believe that food, weight, and your body image has to be a struggle?


How’s that for short and simple? LOL!

There was definitely a time along my journey that I believed everything to be a struggle.

  • It was a struggle to keep my calories down.
  • It was a struggle to stay within my Weight Watchers Point range.
  • It was a struggle to get out the door to the gym.
  • It was a struggle to say no to dessert.
  • It was a struggle to lose that last .1 of a pound.
  • It was a struggle to not call myself ugly/fat/gross/revolting/inserthorribleadjectivehere

But somewhere along the way I decided that thinking like that was making me just as unhealthy as the extra weight. I really truly feel that the secret of success to the Healthy Living Game is 90% mental. YES, calories in/calories out matter. YES, it’s an easier path if you exercise. But if you use words like struggle, battle, fail, perfect, always, or never? It’s a much, much, much harder path to follow.

And I don’t want you to think that I’m standing before you saying “Look at me! I’ve got this all figured out!” Because I soooooo don’t. There are definitely days that I still have a hard time with making the right choices. There are days when I stand in front of the mirror and push into my skin and think “If only…”

Here’s another secret: those days are O.K., too.

The path we have all chosen for ourselves, this path to getting healthier, is by no means a straight one. There are turns and twists and obstacles and huge holes you can fall in. It’s how you view the turns and twists and obstacles and huge holes that you will fall in that matters.

You can cuss and kick and scream and struggle and wail “Why does this always happen to me??”

Or you can take a deep breath, look around, and say, “Where can I go from here?”

If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.  ~Mary Engelbreit

Christie Inge, HHC is an intuitive eating and body image coach and is the creator of The Body Love Alchemy Community. After years on the diet and binge roller coaster, she realized that the answers she was looking for had nothing to do with the size of her blue jeans or the food on her plate. She set out onto a quest to make peace with food, her body and her weight once and for all. She began sharing her experiences on her popular, heartfelt blog. Overtime, she found that her greatest gift was helping women, just like her, overcome their struggles, too.

She has taken what she learned in the school of hard knocks and coupled that with what she has learned in her professional trainings to create a system that has helped thousands of women to make peace with food and to stop hating their bodies. She offers support, insight, and real world tools for creating a body and life you love. You can stay in touch with by subscribing to her inspirational weekly eLetter or join the conversation facebook and twitter.

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