New Balance Cardio Comfort 877 Review


My life has been a stressful whirlwind the past couple of months. Not all of it has been bad stress, heck, a lot of the stress has been in anticipation of good things on the horizon, but stress is stress, and it takes a toll on my mind, body, and soul.

How do I combat stress? Shopping! Okay, only part of the time. Exercise the rest of the time. If I don’t shop or exercise, then I end up with knotty shoulders and a really, really bad attitude.

A couple of weeks ago, I escaped the zoo that is my life and headed out of town with a couple of my besties. We ate, drank, SHOPPED, and got Chinese foot massages. And pedicures. And haircuts. Yeah, I’m not going to lie, it was the most incredible 36 hours I’ve had in a long, long time.

One of the things I shopped for was a brand new pair of running shoes, and where else would I go than the New Balance store? Did you know they have New Balance stores – where they sell the cream of the crop NB shoes and awesome apparel? YES! And the people who work at the New Balance stores know their stuff.

I picked up a new pair of NB 1080V2 running shoes (among other things!), and my feet and (the knots in) my shoulders have been very, very happy. Pounding out a few miles in new shoes, a few days a week, truly does my mind, body, and soul a whole lot of good. In addition to the 1080V2s, New Balance recently blessed me (and Melissa!) with sneak peek pair of Cardio Comfort 877s to review. I’ve worn them to bootcamp, strength training, and even shopping. I really don’t ever want to take them off unless I’m going to put on my running shoes. Unlike cushioned running shoes, which are a little more structured for support, these shoes are super-flexible, but very cushy. It almost feels like I’m wearing comfy socks with memory foam soles – and they definitely ‘wake up my feet’ during those early morning bootcamp sessions. Melissa loves them as much I do. I think she might even sleep in them….. 😉

New Balance truly produces a quality line of athletic shoes and apparel some of which are still made in the USA.

New Balance is the only athletic shoe manufacturer still making shoes in the US. Twenty-five percent of New Balance shoes sold domestically are produced by our US workforce, using US and imported materials.

Clearly I have a problem with letting things go.

From the New Balance press release dated September 2012:

For this fall 2012, Boston-based New Balance will introduce the Cardio Comfort 877, an update to the very successful Cardio Comfort 813. Designed to “Wake Up Your Feet” and relieve pressure for an energized workout, the New Balance Cardio Comfort 877 is ideal for athletes spending a great deal of time on fitness equipment during repetitive cardio-vascular workouts. The Cardio Comfort 877 will launch in fall 2012 in bolder color ways and retail for $84.95.

Considering the success of its predecessor, updates to the New Balance Cardio Comfort 877 are minimal. With all the same great comfort features, a new Pivot point outsole design and multidirectional flex midsole allow more versatility and traction in the gym while enhancing flexibility. New strategically placed rubber pods with Pivot Point technology provide maneuverability from the cardio machines to fitness classes.

An innovative medial stretch comfort collar was added to the Cardio Comfort 877 to reduce pressure on the medial artery of the foot. The 877 features a compression-molded EVA midsole, energy return foam on the lasting board and a dual density sock liner insert, which provides supreme cushioning and a luxurious feel underfoot creating all day comfort that cannot be beat.Another change from the original to the 877 is a 4 way stretch mesh incorporated with a freshly designed no-sew upper offering the same great sock-like fit in a more athletic aesthetic. The 4 way stretch material allows the upper to expand and move with the foot in every direction while providing overall comfort and increased flexibility.

The Cardio Comfort 877 will be available for men and women in multiple widths.

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Disclosure: New Balance provided us with New Balance 877s Cardio Comfort shoes to review.

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