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Today, I am with over 30,000 of my closest Stranger Friends at the 37th Annual Marine Corps Marathon. I’m not running the race, though. My kids and I are here to be the support system for my husband and a few friends as they brave the elements (Hello, Hurricane Sandy!!) to run 26.2 miles to victory.

This is a little bit of a role reversal for me…being the support system. More often than not, I feel like I am the one asking for the support. But I really think it’s good to switch things up. It gives you the perspective that really might end up helping you in the end.

When we spend all of our time and energy focused on ourselves, it can be refreshing…even necessary…to stop and cheer someone else on. Being someone else’s support system might open a whole slew of new ideas for you. You can get a glimpse into the way they do things which could in turn inspire you to make small tweaks to your routine.

Being my husband’s support systemhas also really opened my eyes to the fact that I don’t always talk that kindly to myself. Giving him the words of  encouragement he needs makes me realize how often I don’t encourage myself. If I talked to him the way I talk to myself…whoo boy. He might not ever have the courage to run another race in his life!

Without a doubt, we all need a good cheerleader at some point along our weight loss journey. But every once in a while it’s nice to reap the benefits of cheering someone else on.

Are you someone’s support system? How do you show them the love??

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