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We’re starting a new segment here at Shrinking Jeans called Runners Corner.  Now, I know not everyone is a runner around these parts but I do know there is a large group of us that are.  And don’t give me that baloney about *I run/walk*, sometimes *I walk more than I run*, or *I only wog*.


If you are not walking, than you are running.  Yes, it’s true.

I want to invite you and you over there and over yonder and upper yonder to participate in this running corner of the world.

I’ll be talking about all kinds of things related to running- some I know alot about (hello injury- ha!!!! or cute running gear- holla!) and some I know not much of anything about (nekkid running- not so much!  having an orga$m from running?- I wish and not me, unfortunately! Now I am blushing. Really, who does this happen to?).  I’ll share too much and sometimes not enough.  I know lots of running folks and I will invite them from time to time to share their running knowledge.

But really, I just want to get to know my fellow runners better, so that we can continue to support, motivate and inspire one another.

It will be fun, oh yes it will.

First up- INTRODUCE YO’SELF, pretty please.


First Name:  Lisa

Location:  Austin, TX

# of Years Running: 3

Why Did You Start Running: Because of good ole peer pressure from my friends here at the Sisterhood!

Why Do You Keep Running?  Because it makes me feel good.  Also, it has become my therapy over time. Seriously, I have let go of some serious baggage while on the running trail.  I have shed tears and my heart has lifted from a measley ole run, many times.  My husband shoves me out the door if it has been too long between runs and my mood is going to crap.  I have met some wonderful and awesome people through running.  I am not natural at running- it does not come easy.  I am not fast at it.  However, I enjoy it (mostly) and it is one of the best things I can do for my soul.

What Has Been the Hardest Thing About Running for You?  Not giving up when the going gets tough, whether it be sickness, or logistical nightmare with care of the kiddos while I run, or even worse- the nasty little voice in my head that used to tell me that I wasn’t good enough/fast enough, comparing myself to others. I have since stopped comparing myself and I’ve told that stupid little voice to F#$%   Off : ).

Upcoming Races– Turkey Trot 5 Miler on Thanksgiving Day, 3M Half Marathon on January 13, 2013 (Austin, TX).

OK, it’s your turn!  Answer in the comments below- I can’t wait to meet ya’ll.

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