Slow Progress is Still Progress


Hi gang! It’s my first time since I had the honor of becoming a contributing writer here at the ‘Hood that it’s my turn for the weekly Toot Your Horn Tuesday post! For those of you who are new to the site, today is the day where we brag, brag, brag about ourselves. No guilt about it!  We celebrate big and small victories around here, people! I am here to tell you slow progress is still progress, but more on that in a bit.

I admit there is a part of me that wishes she had looked at the assignment calendar a wee bit more in advance so as to have something utterly amazing to toot. (Tune in this time next year when I want to be able to say I did the half in the Baltimore Running Festival!).

I  did manage to squeeze in several runs this past week. The one I am most excited about is where I ran for 30 minutes without any walk breaks. This was a HUGE deal in that space in between my ears. See, I’m a relatively newbie runner.  Last spring I had trained for a 10k and was uber diligent about doing my running club ‘homework’ – the workouts my running club coach assigns on the days in between our weekly meetings. I stuck to that schedule like nobody’s business! And I was running up to 65 or 70 minutes without stopping, albeit very slowly, but out there on the pavement all the same. After the race was over, I took a week off from training, which led to two weeks, and then a month and … well you get the picture. My endurance and stamina did a disappearing act! I rejoined the running club and found myself struggling to do 5 minutes at a time, 10 minutes at a time. All the while beating myself up for it inside my head.

I have my sights set on another 10k and on getting back to where I was with my training. Thursday’s 30 minute run reminded me of what I know I am capable of, and of what I can do again. And will do again. Slow progress is still progress.

Remember that song from Janet Jackson, “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” Oh I used to sing that in the shower many a time! I ask you today:  what have you done for YOU lately? Let’s hear about it here. Post in the comments or share your permalinks to your blog post. I  cannot wait to see what you all have been up to!

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