Toot Your Horn Tuesday | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Why do I find it so easy to toot everyone else’s horn and so difficult to toot my own horn? I’ve been thinking about this post all day long, trying to get myself *tooting* along (snicker snicker). Regardless, it’s time for each and every one of us to share the positive from the past week, to grab hold of the good and to share it with us so that we can applaud you!

Myself included.

Here goes…..

  1. I ran 5.2 miles on Monday. I had only planned on 4 miles but it somehow turned into 5.2 miles and I DID NOT DIE.  Thank goodness. In fact, I took it nice and easy using a 2:1 (run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute) with an average pace around 12 minutes. When I reached the end of my run, I still felt like I could go on for a long while. It felt fantastic. I am officially back into the running game. I’m planning on a half marathon in January and either a half or a full marathon in February.
  2. Hold up! A FULL MARATHON? As in 26.2 miles?  Maybe or maybe not.  I can’t decide if I am crazy enough to go for a full nor if I have enough time for the training.
  3. I had a girls weekend (more like a night) this past weekend. It was fabulous! I got my first Chinese foot massage (heavenly), a chair massage (heavenly and even better than the foot massage), a pedicure, an eyebrow wax AND a haircut. I’m stylin’ and profil’ now!!!!
  4. I bought new running shoes (see above). The guy who helped me at the running store was a Latin hottie. Oh My!!!!
  5. My house is 90% unpacked, Praise the Lord. We have lived here for 6 weeks.

Alright, talk to me Sisters.  Go ahead and toot, toot, TOOT your horn.

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