Toot Your Horn Tuesday – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s Tuesday and I’m ready to TOOOOOT! It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday, y’all!

This week, I’m not here to talk about how much running I’ve been doing nonexistent or that my eating habits have been pristine notevenclose.

No, I want to toot about something else. Something that I feel really good about, that is helping me clear my mind and take control.

I’m purging my house. I’ve been busy as a bee sorting, organizing, tossing, selling and donating. I’m spending quality time in my garage, with my multiple junk drawers and most importantly, in my closet.

Why? Well, because I was starting to feel like I was drowning in STUFF. I mean, I’ve got clothes from the 90’s. And even though I may yet get down to my high school/college size, I don’t want to bring back the oversize flannel, leggings and Keds look. For reals.

What else? I found about 30 strings of dead Christmas lights. A garbage bag full of dryer lint that I’d been meaning to throw out. Eleventy million power cords to electronics we most likely don’t have anymore. Oh yeah, and cassette tapes. The highlight? That’s a tie between Samantha Fox and Roxette. It’s okay, laugh at me. I deserve it (hangs head).

In my experience, when my home is cluttered, I feel like a scattered mess. It seeps into all parts of my life – it’s almost paralyzing. Everything suffers – especially things surrounding my health.

So, in order to halt this horrible domino effect, I’m clearing out the cobwebs. Every bag I drop at Goodwill, I feel a weight lifting. Whew!

That’s my toot for the week! What’s yours? Toot your horn and tell all in the comments!

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