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Which way do you go?

Do you turn around and go home? Skip the workout? Half-ass it?

Twice this week I had opportunity to *just* skip the workout.

Scenario 1: I wanted to try out the Zumba class at this particular time. I’ve done Zumba before (love it!) but this was my first time to try out this teacher. Anyone who has done Zumba knows that not all Zumba teachers are the same. It is up to the Zumba teacher to pick the music and choreograph the steps. Some use really hard steps where I am left flapping my arms around, my legs going every which way, left feeling uncoordinated.  Some are too easy, not getting my heart rate up and pumping. So yeah, I wanted to try out this teacher and see what she was like.

However, for whatever reason, the traffic was HORRIBLE.  Like, it took me 37 minutes to go 13 miles.  O. M. G.  I left my house at 8:35, the class started at 9. I got to the gym at 9:12am.  I had to check in my child to the child care center. By the time I got to the room for the Zumba class, they were already 15 minutes into the class, plus I knew I had to leave at 9:45 in order to get my next appointment. I was SO freaking frustrated with the situation and the traffic and for potentially missing a workout. I was so tempted to say *the hell with it*, *I’ll just workout tomorrow*.  BUT, I peaked in that workout room, heard the Zumba music blaring (and it was good), saw the room packed with people dancing their hearts out, and I knew I would not regret joining them, even if it was only for 30 minutes.

I tossed my negative thoughts to the side and did just that.  I only had 30 minutes to Zumba but I did not throw in the towel. I embraced those precious 30 minutes, made them count, and enjoyed it. Funny thing is, by the time I was done shaking my boo-tay 30 minutes later, my bad, frustated mood had disappeared, replaced with a happy mood once again.

I never regret a workout. N-E-V-E-R.

Scenario 2: I planned for a short run while my youngest was at his speech appointment. I’ve done it before, I like it, it’s short and sweet.  However, his appointment is at 7:45am at the same school that his brother and sister attend. What does this mean?  It means that I have to have myself and all three of them together- dressed, teeth brushed, lunches made, backpacks packed, hair combed and MYSELF ready to go for a run (dressed, running shoes, iPod ready to go, etc) and OUT THE FRONT DOOR by 7:25am. This is a lofty goal on good days and frantic on other days.  This particular day, we got it together and got in the car at the right time and I went to pull out of the driveway when I noticed it was RAINING. O-M-G.  Seriously?!  Thankfully, it was a drizzle only and I knew if I wanted, I could totally run in it. The entire 7 mile drive to school, I mulled over moving my day around to run at the gym later. I debated skipping my run all together and doing something else.  I flip-flopped every which way.


And run, I did.

It was humid as all get out (duh) and warm (70- degrees) but I plugged in my iPod, which coincidentally had new music uploaded to it. I had a great run and I’m so proud of myself for just DOING IT. Then, I headed to the gym as is my usual routine for a Wednesday to do a Body Pump weightlifting class and the class was cancelled- ugh. I could have thrown in the towel AGAIN but I decided to get some more running mileage on the running track and run I did- another 1.62 miles. My legs felt heavy and I had to work for it but I did it.

I never regret a workout. I only regret NOT working out.  

Tell me – have you ever been at a crossroads where you could choose to dump the workout (for whatever reason) and instead of giving in to that voice telling you not to do it, you instead choose to JUST DO IT?  Weren’t you proud of yourself for just doing it?

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