November 2012 Archives – 2/3 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I was woken up too early and now I’m overtired and kid one is on the computer where I want to work and kid two needs my assistance every 2.5 minutes and my husband is breathing too loudly and looking at me funny and I can tell it’s going to be a terrible, horrible, no […]

Ahhh, the Norman Rockwell version of Thanksgiving. It has become almost as iconic as Thanksgiving itself.  It depicts the whole family gathered around the holiday table with the ginormous turkey that Mom/Grandma slaved over in the kitchen all day cooking to perfection. In days gone by, this is precisely how most families spent the Thanksgiving […]

I had no idea that November was Lung Cancer Awareness Month. I just happened to come across it when I was looking for a topic for today’s post. I’m a day late for the Great American Smokeout, but I think I have some things to share with you that might make you think about quitting […]

Despite our best efforts, many people struggle with the ‘last 5 pounds’. Though genetic and lifestyle factors certainly come into play, streamlining your body also comes down to eliminating certain foods from your diet. Refined Sugar: Processed sugar, found in everything from candy bars to cereal, salad dressing to yogurt, triggers the production of insulin, […]

Yes, we are in between challenges and YES, we still want you to check in.  You might be thinking like me- there is no way in heck I am stepping on a scale during the months of November and December maybe that is just me.  However, the fact that the holiday season is upon us […]

Why hello there! How are you this fine Tuesday morning? It’s that day where we become our own cheerleader…shout our victories from the rooftops…it’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday! Now, you may be a little down in the dumps and saying ‘But Heather, I have NOTHING to toot about.’ To that I say…poppycock! Yes, I said […]

We’re starting a new series here at Shrinking Jeans – Meatless Mondays! I won’t be coming at you every Monday – there are too many other great writers here for me to hog all the attention – but I hope you’ll take in what I say, let it ruminate, and make ALL your Mondays meatless! […]

As the holiday season approaches, I have been trying to get a plan in place to keep myself on track with all things fitness and weight loss. I have come up with five things that I think will work. 1. My Fitness Pal (or any other fitness tracker). I do so much better when I […]

Pizza. I absolutely adore pizza. I could eat it at least every other day. Okay. Every single day. Ahem. In theory, pizza could be a pretty healthy food. Grains (the crust), dairy (cheese) and veggies. But *that* pizza? It’s something I talk about, then I end up eating a greasy slice of pepperoni and olive. […]

As difficult as it is to believe, Thanksgiving is now less than two weeks away for those of us here in the U.S.  How is that even possible?!  This year has just flown by it seems.  Given it’s so close, it’s definitely time to start thinking about Thanksgiving cooking and menu planning. For those of […]

I’ve been sitting here, staring at a blank screen for over an hour, not entirely sure what I should write for my post today. I did searches on the internet for inspiration. I asked my husband for some suggestions. I pulled up a calendar of “national days”, all in an effort to gain a spark […]

Wednesdays are check in days here at the Sisterhood. You know what that means. Weigh yourself and see how you are doing. Let us know in the comments how that weigh in turned out. We are getting to that time of year when keeping your eating in check is going to get very difficult. The […]

Stretching is such an important part of your workout, but you probably don’t take the time to do it. Do you? I know it’s hard enough trying to find time to fit a workout in your busy schedule, but trust me, you have time to stretch! Do you want to know why you should stretch? Oh, […]

You guys impressed me with the response to the Runner’s Corner-Introduce Yo’Self post.  I loved reading about each and every one of you and I can’t wait to get to know ya’ll better.  Also, I think we are one bad-ass group of runners, if I do say so.  I am still hashing out in my […]

Do a search for ‘superfoods’ and at least 20 ‘Top 10’ lists will pop up. Opinions and advice about nutrition are never in short supply, but the key to optimal health is balance. Kale: Eat your greens! If there’s only one superfood you add to your diet, green vegetables should be it. Kale fights free […]