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I’ve been sitting here, staring at a blank screen for over an hour, not entirely sure what I should write for my post today. I did searches on the internet for inspiration. I asked my husband for some suggestions. I pulled up a calendar of “national days”, all in an effort to gain a spark for a post.

Oh, Happy Dunce Day, by the way.

Alas, there was no spark. I’ve literally had everything run through my mind from lyrics to a Beatles’ song to an episode of My Little Pony that my kids watched earlier today. I just haven’t been able to find that one thing that I should write about.

Which, of course, made me think.

How often do we search for something outside of ourselves that will light a spark in us,

only to find that nothing we find is quite right?

We want an easy answer. We want a quick fix. We want someone to do the thinking for us. We want someone else to tell us what to do.

We search and search and search for the one thing that will help us make the right decision or at least point us in the right direction for what our choice to be.

The truth is, sometimes we have to rely on ourselves. As much as we want help or a push or for someone else to provide the easiest way out, sometimes the ONLY way out is through our own hard work.

Just for today, be your own spark. Find your own answers. Forge your own path.

Trust that you know the best way for yourself.

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