weekly check in


Yes, we are in between challenges and YES, we still want you to check in.  You might be thinking like me– there is no way in heck I am stepping on a scale during the months of November and December maybe that is just me.  However, the fact that the holiday season is upon us is the VERY reason that we should be doing a weekly check in and maybe….GASP…..Weighing In.

I’m really talking to myself right now.

So yes, do it right now, step on the scale and report back to us how it’s going or if it is even going.  Up OR down.

Also, don’t forget that next Wednesday, we will be announcing the details of our next challenge.  The new challenge will start on November 21 and it will be a maintenance challenge.  We know the holidays can be tough for some all of us to lose the pounds.  And ya’ll know that we like to keep it real and honest around these parts.  If I am able to maintain my current weight and not gain the typical 5-10 lbs that I normally do during the holiday season, then I will consider this Maintenance Challenge a success.  I don’t consider this setting the bar low; I consider it being REAL with myself and setting realistic expectations.

And because I love sharing all kinds of goodness that we have going on around here,

Everyone- check out the awesome Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up that Mel put together

Runners- have you seen my latest iPod list of songs that make me run faster and stronger?  Also, in the coming up weeks, be on the lookout for new posts on my favorite yoga poses for runners, a running gear/accessories favorites wish list, and more!

Everyone- look no further than here for Thanksgiving Table Decorations.  Beautiful!

Now jump on that scale and then jump off and let me know if your pants are too tight or are they getting looser by the week.

Peace out!

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