tips for successfully running in colder weather:


I love cold weather running.

Hot weather running in Central Texas in the Summer?  Not so much.  Upwards of 75 degrees at with 60%+ humidity and a bright sun at 8am? Even at 6am, when the sun is rising, it is still hot and sometimes humid.  Ugh and no thank you.

But cold weather running? Oh heck yes!  Granted, cold is relative and I would venture to say that Central Texas cold just might be different than Boston cold (and a little warmer than anything North of here).  My ideal running weather is 45-50 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze.  At 50 degrees, I will wear shorts or a running skirt and a sleeveless tank.

Running in 40 degrees is even pleasant for me.  Luckily, it doesn’t really get much colder than that here in Austin, TX, except for maybe 1-2 months of the year.  So what do I like to wear when it does get cold (less than 50 degrees)?

The list is short. That doesn’t mean I don’t wear anything- ha!  It just means that I have a few select items that I wear, wash, wear, wash over and over again.  New Balance capri pants, a half zip long sleeve shirt with thumbholes (to keep the hands warm), and a Bondi Band headband- thicker and wide band to hold my thick hair back AND long enough to cover my ears on really cold days.  Underneath that, I have my normal sleeveless running shirt so that if I get too warm, I can take off a layer.  I have my eyes on arm sleeves and leg sleeves but haven’t bought any just yet.

This running gear stuff can get pricey for my non-existent pocketbook!

This was a 5K race last January.  It was bitterly cold (like *catch your breathe* cold).  

See what everyone else is wearing in the background?

Kim even has more clothes on than I do!

I got warm BEFORE the race by doing a slow 2 miles. This ended up being the BEST 5K ever for me!

Check out what our family’s are wearing and what I am wearing.

And yes, we have that many kids between the two of us!

My tips for successfully running in colder weather:

1. Dress as if it 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature (because that is what it will feel like when you run).

2. Dress in layers so that you can peel off your clothes as you warm up (if needed).

3. If you find yourself warming up, peel off a layer BEFORE you start sweating. Once you start sweating, you will then have moisture next to your skin and run the risk of being chilly.

4. Do a warm-up 1-2 miles on the treadmill, then hit the outdoors!  I have done this before on those really cold mornings where I just can’t fathom going outside to run when it seems drearily cold.  However, on more than one occasion, I have done just this and it has turned out quite well for me.

5.  Just drive the route and head back home for the warmth of the indoors and a big ole cup of coffee.  Ha!  I have never done this (sarcasm).

Talk to me- what’s cold weather running look like to you and how do you dress for it?  And don’t be shy runner lady friends- I love love love hearing from all of you from all over the place- it makes my heart sing knowing that I am not the only crazy runner chick outdoors when it is cold outside!

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