Top Tips to Beat Holiday Bloat


The holidays can be draining. Constant food, festivities, and family quickly lend themselves to unhealthy choices, but beating holiday bloat is simple if you follow these easy but effective tips.

Put Down the Salt Shaker

Excess salt and alcohol consumption dehydrates the skin, causing puffiness in the face and body. Avoid this by consuming a well-balanced diet, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables. The skin healthy vitamins, antioxidants, and high water content found in these foods leave the body looking fresh, radiant, and hydrated. Aim for at least six to eight servings a day to reap the most benefits, and don’t forget to constantly flush out toxins by drinking at least 10 cups of water a day.

Sleep It Off

Rubbing your eyes is adorable when you’re 5 years old, but as an adult, you need to regiment your sleeping patterns to keep your body healthy and your waistline slim. Aim for eight to nine hours of sleep per night, allowing the body ample time to recover from the constant barrage of holiday activity. If 8 hours is impossible, sneak in 15-20 minute naps to rejuvenate energy and reduce impulsive, unhealthy eating choices.

Live It Up

How you behave during the day affects what happens to your body at night. Stress, late nights, and smoking all aggravate the body, leading to bloat and un-balance. Even with the chaos of the holidays, do your best to alleviate daily stress without indulging in harmful habits, such as smoking, excess drinking, or multiple late nights. Balance holiday parties with time at the gym, allowing the body to sweat out stress and toxins, restoring both internal and external health and energy.

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