New Year's Weight Loss Challenge – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans



Are you stuffed like a turkey? Do you feel like it’s time to step away from the pie? Are you living in yoga pants because they’re the only thing that fits right now? Well, you’re in luck, because we are about to kick-off the mother-of-all new year’s weight loss challenges! For real!

If you’re anything like me, you’re silently berating yourself for letting things go this week, this month, or maybe this entire year. Maybe you’ve made a promise to yourself that 2013 is going to be ‘The Year’ you finally get your shit together. For real. Because God knows 2012 didn’t really pan out for you.

Maybe you had a baby this year or last year or 10 years ago, and you’re ready to finally kick the baby weight to the curb. Maybe you had a life crisis that made it seem impossible to keep up with your own health. Maybe there was just one little event that made things spiral out of control and you never felt like you could regain your footing. Maybe something big happened that scared you into finally making a change, but you just never quite got around to implementing changes.

Maybe none of the above is true, and you’re just ready to lose weight.

Maybe all of the above is true. Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

Trust me. All of us here at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans have been ‘some of the above’ or ‘all of the above’. We’ve each struggled individually, and finally together, to get our lives on track.

We started this little website back in November of 2008 because we were tired of our asses getting bigger, and even more tired of making excuses. We wanted our jeans to SHRINK not expand. Over the years we’ve been through many challenges together, celebrated huge successes together, worked through tough issues (on the inside) together, and even started running together.

Are you ready to join us? Whether today is the first time you’ve ever laid eyes on our little corner of the internet, or if you’re a Sisterhood veteran, we invite YOU to join us for our next weight challenge, which starts on January 1st! That’s next Tuesday, people!


So here’s the deal. Losing weight isn’t easy, but it can be easier and even fun if you do it with us! Support makes all the difference in the world, and I know there are tons of studies out there that prove this, but I don’t want to bore you. I do know for a fact that the most successful challenges we’ve had around these parts have been team challenges. Pairing up with someone, or several someones, helps immensely. You aren’t just accountable to yourself…you’re someone else’s support system! It’s like a big happy circle of support and friendship. Heck, you almost forget you’re losing weight until you get on the scale each week and BAM – you’re shrinking.

For this challenge, you will need to find a partner. A buddy. A friend. It can be your husband, your BFF, your sister, you mother, your grandmother, your brother, your daughter. You get the point. It doesn’t have to be someone you know in real life. It could be a friend you’ve made on Twitter or someone you stalk on Pinterest. Find someone you know who wants to lose weight and see if they want to join you for this challenge.

If you don’t have anyone, or you don’t want to ask anyone, that is perfectly fine. (I know it’s sometimes hard to ask or to admit that you’re trying to lose weight. Totally been there.) We will find someone for YOU! Yes, we can partner you up with someone else who is in the same boat.

Everyone who wants to join the challenge will need to fill in the form below. If you have a partner, just put there name as your partner. If you don’t, just indicate that you need a partner and we’ll match you up. Make sure you give us a valid email address that you will check often!

The challenge starts promptly on January 1st. Hangover or not, you’ll need to get your butt out of bed and on the scale that morning!

We will have several projects throughout the challenge – some fun and some soul-searching, but all good for you. We promise.

We will also have prizes along the way to help keep you motivated. Who doesn’t love prizes, right?

So are you in?

And just so you’re not confused, we are also about to kick-off an awesome C25K running group, and you’re totally invited to get in on a piece of that action as well. It’s going to be groundbreaking with so many new runners hitting the pavement in the new year!

Run and lose weight with us in 2013!

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