Why do you run


Why do you run?

People pound the pavement for lots of reasons.

  • to get fit
  • to get healthy
  • to lose weight
  • because they like a challenge
  • for a good cause, like Team in Training
  • because it is cheaper than therapy

The last time I ran was Friday morning.  I was grinding out a good, solid 6 miles while an unimaginable, horrific event was taking place in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I read about what happened shortly after returning from my run and then, I was glued to my TV, flipping through every news channel, waiting for every single new bit of information.  I cried.  A LOT.

I am a parent. I have a third grader, a first grader and a pre-schooler.  I am a mother to those three kids and love them more than life itself.  Even typing that makes my heart seize up and tears well up in my eyes, imagining the *what if*.  My heart and soul and everything go out to those parents who lost their children that early Friday morning.   My heart aches for those poor teachers doing everything they could to protect their students.

I have not run since Friday.  I will run Monday or Tuesday morning.  Running is most definitely therapy time for me.  I am alone with my thoughts, with no young eyes to see my tears, with the road and time to process what is going through my mind.  I have cried many times on a run.

I am fairly certain I will cry on this next one.

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