You Know You've Over Indulged If


Can I get a drum roll please! Here they are…..

The Top Ten Ways You Know You’ve Over Indulged This Holiday Season

10. Your stretchy pants have exploded. 9. You pee egg nog 8. You can name the top holiday drinks at the bar without batting an eye. 7. Santa knows not to expect treats at your house. They’re all gone. 6. You are ready to play Rock Paper Scissors with Rudolph for the reindeer food the kids left out for him and his friends. 5. You can’t remember the last time you said “Just one, please”. 4. Your lips are permanently stained red from sucking on candy canes. 3. Having fudge for breakfast no longer sounds like a bad idea. 2. You have to lay on the bed to get your pants to button and zip. Even with the jeans that fit just fine last week!

1. You can use the dinner plate at the dessert table, right? No sense making three trips with that pesky little plate.