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Welcome to Becoming Me, a monthly blog series where I set out to answer questions developed by Christie Inge, HHC in an effort to dig a little deeper and get to the heart of some of my esteem, body, and food issues.

Last month, I tackled the issue of if I would be happy with the legacy I have left behind.

This month’s question: If you had more time in your life, what would you do with it?

Ah yes, more free time. For me, I seem to always wish for more free time, but then when I actually have more free time, I squander it thinking “It’s o.k., I’ve got plenty of time!”

Does anyone else feel that way?

But if I were to sit here and fantasize about what I would do, this is my list (in no particular order):

  • Find a way to travel more
  • Utilize said list and travel more
  • Take more pictures
  • Take more walks in the woods
  • Get a personal trainer
  • Sign up for a yoga class
  • Spend more quality time with my husband and kids
  • Learn to cook better
  • Cook better
  • Read more books

That’s a pretty good list, I think. Except for a few functional things, it’s interesting that the majority of my list are ways to relax and disconnect a little. I’m definitely not writing down that I wish I could clean more toilets if I had the free time!

I think when we get bogged down by a list of things we feel we need to do, we kind of forget to take the time to recharge by doing the things we want to do. I know it’s hard to fit in those little nuggets of recharge time, and that’s actually why I went ahead and added them to my to do list. It’s important to me to take that time during the day to spend on myself.

What would your list look like if you had more free time??

Christie Inge, HHC is an intuitive eating and body image coach and is the creator of The Body Love Alchemy Community. After years on the diet and binge roller coaster, she realized that the answers she was looking for had nothing to do with the size of her blue jeans or the food on her plate. She set out onto a quest to make peace with food, her body and her weight once and for all. She began sharing her experiences on her popular, heartfelt blog. Overtime, she found that her greatest gift was helping women, just like her, overcome their struggles, too.

She has taken what she learned in the school of hard knocks and coupled that with what she has learned in her professional trainings to create a system that has helped thousands of women to make peace with food and to stop hating their bodies. She offers support, insight, and real world tools for creating a body and life you love. You can stay in touch with by subscribing to her inspirational weekly eLetter or join the conversation facebook and twitter.

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