Dear Me. A letter from my future self. New Year's Weight Loss Challenge


Happy New Year!! We’re almost a week into this fabulous new year, and we’ve got an awesome project that you’re going to love. You’re going to write yourself a letter from the future. Yeah, we’re getting all space time warp continuum on your shrinking butts!

For those of you who’ve been around for awhile, you’ll remember this project! We’ve done it for the past several years, so if you participated last year, it’s time for you to dig our your letters! How exciting it will be to read what your past self had to say to your future self, a year ago. Shew. That’s a little confusing, so if you’re new around these parts, stick with me and I’ll explain.

You see, last year we asked all the sisters who were with us to take a look ahead to January 2013, and write their current selves a letter about all the wonderful things they accomplished over the year (2012). Basically, you are writing a letter and predicting what you want the future to hold. For you. Are you confused yet?

Okay, so let’s move on to what you’re supposed to do today. Right now.

I want you to close your eyes. (Well, after you read this.) And pretend that it’s January…….of 2014.

One full year ahead.

And when you think about January 2014, think about where you are sitting. What you look like. Where you are. Think about all the things you did in 2013. How far you’ve come. The goals you’ve reached. The obstacles you faced in 2013. The things you learned. Visualize where you will be. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I know you don’t have much to go on since we’re not even out of January 2013 yet, but that’s kind of the whole purpose.

Now, as your future self, go ahead and write your current self a letter. Tell yourself what you’ve done in 2013 and who you’ve become. Tell yourself about all the scale and non-scale victories you’ve had. Anything that you think is valuable for your current self to know, go ahead, tell it.

Become the 2014 YOU and then write about 2013. This becomes a very powerful post/letter when you are writing it, and when you’re looking back at it in a year. When you envision yourself actually doing something, it becomes real. It’s no longer a that would be nice or that’s possible.

Now, if you are just starting out with us, we do this every yearWe want you to do this too!

It’s an absolutely amazing, tearful, emotional experience (at least for me!) to see what the letter you wrote at the beginning of the year said when we take them out a year later.

So, if you did a letter last year, write about it. Then write up your Dear Me in 2014 letters, and come back here on Friday to link it all up. Got it?

Have an awesome kickass year! (Even though I already know you do. Your future me told me so. We’re actually all having coffee talking about our letters right now! In 2014…)

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