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So we’re a few weeks into our phenomenal New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge! The first week, enthusiasm was more than enough to see you through! Your spectacular loss from week one kept you motivated through week two! Now it’s week three (nearly four!!) and your former euphoria has started to fade. What was fun and new is beginning to feel a little bit like drudgery.

The enthusiasm is waning. You don’t see any results yet. Suddenly it all seems like so much work. You’re one child’s tantrum/bad phone call/annoying coworker (insert your own particular last straw here) away from throwing in the towel.

Don’t quit on yourself.

You’re right on the cusp of really, truly making a change. Forming a new habit. You’re right there. Choosing fruit instead of cookies for a snack? It’s almost a habit now. Drinking water instead of soda? It’s no longer the hardship you thought it was those first few days. Going for a walk or a run? You’re starting to realize you feel better and have more energy when you follow through.

Don’t quit on yourself.

You’re just a week or two away from being able to see the changes you’ve made on the outside. Soon you’re going to need to go to the next hole on your belt. You’re days away from being able to button your favorite jeans without having to suck in your gut. A week or two away from being able to buy a smaller size.

Don’t quit on yourself.

Those workouts that had you lobster-red and sweating before the warmup was even complete are getting easier. You don’t have to take quite as many breaks to make it through. You surprised yourself by being able to run for three entire minutes without stopping! Maybe you’re even having (dare I say it?) fun.

Don’t quit on yourself.

Don’t. Not now. Not again. Not after all the hard work you’ve put into this. How will you ever know what you can truly accomplish if you quit now?

Don’t quit. Commit.

Commitment. It’s not a one-time thing. It’s an every. single. day. thing. I’m recommitting today. To this challenge, but more importantly, I’m recommitting to the healthy ME I’m trying to build. And I’ll be recommitting tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that…

I will not quit on myself. Don’t YOU quit on yourself. Are you ready to recommit with me? 

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