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Happy New Year, shrinkers!! Can I tell you how crazy-awesome this New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge is going to be? It’s going to be unbelievable! As a matter of fact, I think the earth might shift on it’s axis because of all the weight we’re going to lose. Hopefully all of you shrinkers are spread out all over the globe so we can keep things evened out.

Guess what? We officially have thousands of people registered for this challenge. Yes! We had to cut off registration because there weren’t enough of us with enough hours to manually hook all of you up! We don’t have a fancy computer program that randomly generates teams – we do it all by hand, and our hands were getting tired! So if you didn’t get on a team, we apologize, but please feel free to follow along and join us for some great support!

Speaking of, we pretty much do all of this work for pennies! If you want to give us a holla and donate a dolla, we will totally love you forever. Plus, it will help us provide some kick-ass prizes for the Biggest Shrinking team! Thanks in advance, shrinkers!

And now it’s time to weigh-in RIGHT NOW! Don’t drink any coffee, strip down to your skivvies, and gingerly step on to that scale. Now kiss that number goodbye, because you will NEVER see it again! Go ahead and take a picture of that number though, because you’ll need it later on so we can verify everything when you win the challenge. Another thing you should do? Take a before picture and some measurements. It will be fun to look back after you’ve reached your goal! Trust us! And if you blog, by all means BLOG about it and come back here and leave a comment all about it!

So here is what you need to do if you are on a team:

  1. Get with your team. Exchange weights, add them together, and pick one person to follow the next instruction.
  2. Fill out the form below. Only ONE person on your team needs to fill it in, but that ONE person will need to include each team member’s name and email address. AND you will also need to include your combined weight. A+B+C=WEIGHT. If there are only 2 people, then it’s just A+B. If you are on your own, it’s just A.

Just to recap:

  1. Weigh-in.
  2. Take a picture of the number on your scale and save it for later.
  3. Get with your team and have ONE person check in for your team.
  4. The person checking in will need to provide your team total weight, all names and emails of people on team.

If you are not on a team, you are more than welcome to follow along and check-in in the comment section below! We’d love to give you some support as well.

If you blog, feel free to leave a comment below with a link to your post!

Any questions? Please check our FAQ page & Current Challenge page first, and then if you don’t see what you need, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Check back tomorrow, because we’re all going to have a little project to complete that has to do with goals! Yes, what is a new year and a weight loss challenge without a few goals? It’s good for you, stop groaning!

If you’re looking for a good app for weight loss tracking that’s absolutely FREE, you should download MyFitnessPal. It’s really, really awesome – the food database beats all that I’ve used, and you can also track your exercise. AND, if you use a BodyMedia armband or a Withings WIFI scale, you can wirelessly sync it all up in your app on your phone! Yes, I’m a total geek, so I do it all!! MyFitnessPal is also a great fitness hub where you can keep up with your teammates and other friends, encouraging all the day long 😉

If you’re looking for an easy way to make sure you’re eating right, you have to check out Shrinking Kitchen! Each week they have a fresh menu plan on Sunday that gives you weekly dinner plans with nutritional information, including Weight Watchers Points Plus, and a handy-dandy printable grocery list! In addition to weekly menu plans, there are also daily fresh recipes to keep things interesting.

Some other goods reads to help get the new you off a to good start this New Year!

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Let’s don’t forget the Fab Abs January Monthly Workout Calendar! You’ll have no excuse to be lazy because we spell out exactly what you’ll need to do each day to improve your mid-section!

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a runner, lace up your shoes TODAY and take part in our Couch-to-5K Program!!

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