New Year's Weight Loss Challenge: Leaderboard | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s the top ten-y-ten-ten, y’all. And holy WOW did you lose some serious weight! For real! According to our calculations, based on the teams who checked in this week, we lost a total of 

1,358.7 pounds


Here is our Top Ten Leaderboard of Biggest Shrinking Teams!

(Top Ten is based on percentage of weight lost since day 1.)

  1. 4.93% LynJa
  2. 4.81% Fit and Fabulous
  3. 4.37% Twitchy Iggy 
  4. 3.82% The Determinators
  5. 3.70% Flame On (GO ANN!!!!!!)
  6. 3.67% toughnecks
  7. 3.42% Thin To Win 
  8. 3.30% Dedicated 
  9. 3.22% On Target 
  10. 3.20% meohmynomorepie 

WINNER WINNER chicken dinner!

And the winner of the NatureBox for this week is: Erin S, from Anchors Aweigh! Congratulations! You should have already received an email from me.

NatureBox is a great way to snack – you’ll get a monthly box filled with 5 yummy, full-size healthy snack. Our favorite thing about NatureBox? No artificial anything!!

Be sure to Like NatureBox on Facebook! Right now you can get your first box for $5 with this link:

Keep up the good work everyone! We are so freaking proud of you!

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