New Years Weight Loss Challenge


YIKES!!!! Does that say week 4???? That means we are already halfway through this eight week New Years Weight Loss Challenge. Where did that time go? It is only three days away from February 1. This year is already flying by.

How’s this challenge going for you? Are you still hanging in there? Are you keeping in touch with your team and encouraging each other to do well? I am very happy to say that I am doing well so far. Three pounds gone and some inches too.

We’ve had some great posts in the last week. Did you check them out? Here’s the links to a few in case you want to check them out.
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We also have some great sponsors for this challenge.

Active Accessories
Nature Box
EatSmart Products
Shrinking Jeans

Okay shrinkers, let’s get down to business. Now is the time to get yourself weighed. If you are like me, that means you pee and get naked. Then fill out the form below and get your team entered for the week. Only one person needs to fill in the form for the team. Just add your weights together and fill in the form. Easy peasy. The IMPORTANT thing is that you get this done before 9:00p.m. cst. No exceptions!! If you are blogging about your journey, please leave the link in the comments. If you aren’t a blogger, please your comments in the section below.

Okay, that’s all for me. Happy Shrinking!!

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