spend time each day alone


So ladies, how is the new year treating you? Have you found your groove? Getting daily exercise? Are you and your teammates rolling right along with our New Year Weight Loss Challenge? Are you feeling pretty good about things, riding a wave of motivation? Wonderful! Keep it up!

Just don’t forget about an often overlooked component on this journey of ours: spiritual wellness. We are so focused on being on the ball in the kitchen and kicking it at the gym, all focused on diet and exercise.  Well, what about your SPIRITUAL wellness? How is that going?

Did you make a commitment to yourself at the stroke of midnight Dec. 31 that you would spend some time each day in the company of YOU and you alone? Time to sit quietly to pray, meditate, reflect or ponder a gratitude list? I am not talking about heading off somewhere for a 2-week retreat where you maintain a code of silence. I am talking about YOU and your finding a quiet corner, somewhere, anywhere, to be – quiet. Sit still.  Exhale.

It’s a topic that deserves our attention. Yes, there is always SOMEthing going on- families to care for, houses to clean, meals to make, meetings to attend, cranky colleages.  Just remember that the commitment you have made to your health and wellness takes place between your ears as much as it takes place in the kitchen or the gym.

I could use to improve in this area myself.  Just to sit still, be quiet and get my mind cleared for the day ahead. Do you carve out a time each day to have some quiet time for yourself? Please share in the comments!

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