DietBet can help you reach your goal, one mini goal at a time.


Hello my Sisterhood friends! What’s that? You were  not expecting a check in post today since we are in between challenges? True, we don’t have a challenge going on at the MOMENT, but that does not mean you all get a pass. Go strip down to that beautiful birthday suit of yours, hop on the scale and let us know how you are doing! The accountability is helpful, trust me!

Good, bad or ugly, let us hear from you. You will feel better for checking in, PLUS that simple act helps you to gear up for our next challenge, which is right around the corner!  I was so excited to see that the ladies behind the scenes here at the ‘Hood are hosting a DietBet game! I am in and ready to win! Oh yes I am!  The game starts March 13 and ends on April 9.

If you are not familiar with DietBet, it is time you check it out! This is an online social dieting game that gives players the opportunity to win money through weight-loss competitions. Each player antes up a bet, in this case $25 – that is less than one trip to the movies by far and less than the hit you take any time you run into Target to get “just one thing!”.  So…. each player puts money in the pot and whomever loses 4% of their body weight in the 4-week contest period, takes home a share of the kitty. As I write this, there are 33 players in the Shrinking Jeans Diet Bet (including moi!) and the pot is at $825. The pot grows as players join. I say let’s grow that sucker! Think of the cute workout clothes you could buy with your winnings! Or that darling sundress!

DietBet has a whole method for how weights are submitted and how they verify that people are being honest about what they submit. You can read more about that on their How It Works Page, or the FAQ page.

I participated in one of these DietBet games back in January and am happy to say I made my 4% goal and nearly doubled my entry bet. I am hooked on DietBet now. What I like most about it is the goal of 4%. It seems doable to me. I have much more to lose than that overall, but chipping away at 4% helps to fuel my momentum. Also, I love the fact that when you post your weight on the site, no one else sees it but you. The site also features a Facebook-type of wall/forum where people can give and receive encouragement and support, and there is nifty little bar graph that grows and grows as you get closer toward your goal. Plus there is also a great iPhone app so you can play the game on the go.

So what do you say? What have you got to lose? Go over to the site, check it out and sign up. Let’s grow that pot!

And be sure to keep checking in back here at The Sisterhood each week. We will be posting weekly challenges while the DietBet is going on!

We will all be ready for those cute spring outfits! Bring on spring!!

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