After the Big race


The big race is almost here but I am already thinking of what’s next.

I am running a half marathon on Saturday.

My training is done, Friday (today) is a *rest* day and tomorrow, I run 13.1 miles.  While races are exciting and it’s so awesome when you finish and you have a medal put around your neck, it can also be anti-climatic.  I mean, here is something I have been training for months and months and then wham- bam- it’s over.

Then what?

The first few times I ran half marathons (Saturday will be #6 for me), I had absolutely nothing planned for the AFTER part.  Take a guess what happened.  That’s right- nothing happened, as in I did absolutely nothing.  I gave my legs a LONG break and I used the excuse of *Hey, I just ran a half marathon* as a reason not to exercise.  When I finally made it back to the gym 1-2 weeks later, I found myself floundering and wondering what the heck I was supposed to be doing.  So I winged it (also known as half-a$$ing it) and really did my body no favors and wasted my time.

Who wants to waste time?  NOT ME.

Now, I plan ahead for future races.  After Saturday, I plan on running the Cap 10K on April 7 and I am doing the Diva Dash on April 20.  I am seriously considering a sprint triathlon for early June. I want to keep running BUT hot Summer months are my least favorite time to run.  Hence, it’s time to add other things into the mix- like maybe biking and swimming. I definitely know that I am going back hard core to lifting weights- that is the one thing that tones me up and burns the most calories (muscle burns fat).

I can’t let my cardiovascular fitness wither away, can I?! I will take a few days off from training, love my body with yoga, stretching and resting and solidify my plans for the next few months.

Tell me- after you reach a goal or finish a race- what do you do to keep the momentum going?

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