The Top 5 Fitness and Food Apps – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Pop Culture Quiz: What is the one thing you never leave home without? Your phone! We live in a constantly connected, smart-phone society, so why not turn technology into a powerful ‘get fit and eat healthy’ weight loss tool?

The apps listed below are iPhone apps, though other smart phones are sure to have comparable options. If iPhone is not your technology of choice, the following list will give a good idea of where to start in your own app search.


An absolute favorite, this app tracks daily calorie intake, calorie burn, and exercise. The set up and functionality are incredibly user-friendly and it also calculates exactly how many calories per day you should consume in order to reach your weight loss or weight maintenance goals.


This app is just like having your own personal trainer. A library of over 450 exercises helps you customize your own workout plus detailed information on how to train specific parts of your body, helping you achieve your ideal level of fitness.


This app is perfect for the athlete who likes workout indoors and out. Featuring a GPS tracker and a heart monitor, Adidas MiCoach tracks your activity anywhere you go and suggests running programs based on your individual data.


This simple but handy app allows you to track and plan all of your meals. You can also store your favorite foods and your grocery list to access later on. Think of it like a food journal, only with a lot more convenience and a lot less paper.


With over 758 customized workouts and over 5,600 exercise images and videos, this program is a lot like the Rolls Royce of fitness apps. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or avid athlete, there is something for everyone that will undoubtedly catapult all your health and fitness goals.

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