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Have you ever considered doing a triathlon? In this post, Judy Molnar, VP of Iron Girl (World Triathlon Corporation) reaches out to all of you about doing a triathlon. Feel free to give her a shout-out in the comments below or if you have a question about triathlon, please feel free to ask! ~Lisa

You Can Be a Triathlete!

How many times have you thought- I would like to do a triathlon. Where do I start? Do I belong? I don’t look like a triathlete.

Have you told you family, friends or co-workers you were doing a triathlon? I am sure the responses have been mixed. Such as, “Are you crazy?”, “I could never do something like that?”, Or, “Why on earth would you put yourself through all of that?” Hmm, an answer each of us has to answer for ourselves whether noble or superficial. That answer is going to be personal. It is a good journey of our spirit to take a moment to really think, and yes maybe even write down why we do what we do, as part of the sport of triathlon. You might be asking yourself those questions on race morning… not a good time to figure out an answer.

There are going to be days during training that you will ask yourself many times why you are doing this thing called a triathlon. I find it usually comes at about 5 a.m. in the morning when I am heading off to the pool for a swim workout. Or maybe it is when it is 6:00 a.m. and time to go for that run and it’s already 90% humidity and 80 degrees.  Ah the wonderful things we do for our health!

Again, the answer doesn’t have to be something profound and earth shattering, just personal and about you.  Things such as losing weight, being a good role model for your family, living a healthy lifestyle, because you can, are some reasons!

Think of what it is that fuels you to be out there training and racing. What is your reason? Sometimes the answers might surprise you. On race day, when all the commotion and high energy of all the women in the transition area, swim start, on the course, start to push your thinking into doubts, concerns or fears, your worthiness to be there, it helps to come back to a positive place in your thinking.

Stand tall, strong and proud that you can train and race because you have been blessed with your wellness, and the will and spirit to be part of a sport that challenges you.

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Dream Big Always, Judy Molnar Vice President, Iron Girl

World Triathlon Corporation