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We are three weeks in to our Spring Clean You weight loss challenge – which means we are in the home stretch. You have one week to finish up sweeping the dust bunnies and cleaning out the fridge. So to speak. But you know, really cleaning out the fridge is probably a good idea, too. At least for me. But let’s move on…..it’s the last week!!!!! Get you butt on the scale and let us know how you’re doing. How much more do till you reach your goal, or have you already? How did you do on the mini challenge? If you’re DietBet-ing with us, we’ve lost almost 1,000 pounds collectively. WOWSERS!

Speaking of DietBet, we’ll be kicking off another game staring on April 10th, the day after our current game ends. You didn’t think we were going to give you anytime to digress did you? Ha! Never! The good thing about starting the next day is you can use your weigh-out as your weigh-in for the next game. If you aren’t DietBet-ting with us, what are you waiting for? Our current post is $6,100 and we have 244 losers playing! It’s great motivation, and you can WIN money for losing weight. It’s simple: ante up, weigh-in, lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks, WIN. All the winners will split the pot.

If you don’t want to participate in the DietBet, you totally don’t have to! We’ll still have our weekly Spring Fling Weight Loss Challenge check-in posts here every Wednesday!


Last week, the weekly mini challenge was to get 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day? How did that work out for you? I know a lot of people were bragging about how they knocked that out in their morning smoothies, so how about you? Did you go above and beyond? Did you feel an increase in your energy?

This week’s challenge is to cut out the trans-fats. And yeah, that’s pretty easy these days because most things are trans-fat free. But are they really? As a matter of fact they are not! As long as it has less than 1 gram of trans-fat, they can say it’s ‘trans-fat free’. I want you to dig a little deeper and look at the ingredients list. Do you see something that says (partially) HYDROGENATED? If so, that’s trans-fat in that ‘trans-fat free’ item. So let’s kick it to the curb this week. You don’t need those packaged donuts anyway. Right?

Where do you find trans-fat? In packages items like cookies, cakes, donuts, chips, crackers, and stick margarine. Want to know more about trans-fats and why they are so bad, read this great article.


Guess what? It’s time for you embark on your journey to become a runner.  That means lacing up the shoes and heading out the door, or hoping on the treadmill.We started the program on Sunday, but never fear, you CAN still join in today and not be behind!! Either way, the important thing is that you JUST DO IT!

Read more about our C25K program, and be sure to check in with our Running with the Sisterhood group on Facebook!

Once you complete the C25K program, you can join us for our Run The ‘Hood Virtual FOXY 5K, 10K, and One-Mile Fun Run! Our race may be virtual, but it comes with all the race swag including sweet t-shirts!


Melissa created another awesome monthly workout calendar for April! It’s not too late for you to join in and firm up those jiggly thighs! It is, after all, almost time to don the shorts! Unless you live in Texas like me, and we pretty much wear them year round….


Each week, one random person who checks in on Wednesday by midnight PT {by linking to their blog post or commenting below} will win a $20 Amazon or iTunes gift card! You make the choice.

We have that winner from last week. It’s Sabrina– Congratulations!!! Send us an email and let us know which gift card you prefer.

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