May 2013 Archives – 3/3 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Winner winner! Sarah Kopf, you are the winner of the Iron Girl race entry. Please email [email protected] for further details. Thanks and congrats! I type *TRI*.  I mean triathlon. Have you ever considered doing a triathlon?  Does the thought of swimming, biking AND running scare you or excite you?  Have you done tri’s before and […]

Eat Clean. It’s a catchy phrase, but what exactly does it mean? To be succinct, eating clean means fresh, whole foods. It means consuming foods found in nature instead of manufactured in a science lab. It means eating food that is free of additives, preservatives, hormones, GMO ingredients, and pesticides. It means eating foods that […]

Hello shrinkers! We are in the final week of the Spring Fling Challenge! How are you doing this week? Jump on the scale and tell us all about it! Did you lose weight this week? Stay the same? Gain? If you gained, it’s okay because it happens to all of us sometimes. Especially after a […]

Have you heard of a little thing called the Photo-A-Day Challenge? We at the Sisterhood believe that inspiration and motivation can be found everywhere. So, we decided that we would create our very own Photo-A-Day Challenge, called Sisterhood Shots. Sisterhood Shots is a daily photo challenge focused on your health, fitness and weight loss journey. […]