The Older Sister / The Shred Challenge


Back when I first started the Older Sister series, I promised some challenges. It’s been over three years since we did the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Challenge and I think it’s time we older gals showed the younger girls what we are made of.

I am in a weight loss and inches lost challenge at the school where I work out. I thought maybe a little Jillian could help me push ahead of the pack. I feel so much stronger than I did the last time we did this challenge. Maybe this time I could actually make it to level 3.

Here are the details of the The Older Sister 30 Day Shred Challenge:

We will begin June 1st and end June 30th. (Sorry for the last minute notice!) Equipment needed for the DVD- hand weights. If you are new to exercising, you will want to start with 2 lb or 3 lb weights. Medium to high level of fitness, you will want 5 lb or 8 lb weights. I found that I used different weights depending on the exercise. Of course, you will need comfortable clothes to wear while you exercise and maybe a mat if you have hardwood/tile floors.

The DVD is only about 25 minutes long- that includes warm up AND cool down. However, the time in between the warm up and cool down is TOUGH and will have you dripping with sweat and wishing for a break. There is a warm up of a few minutes, then three circuits. Each circuit is made up of three minutes strength training, two minutes cardio and one minute ab work. No breaks, no stopping. It is AWESOME and painful, but it’s a good kind of pain. The painful feeling of accomplishment.