30 day shred challenge check in


Well my friends, it’s the halfway point in our 30 day Shred challenge. How is everyone doing? Have you kept up? Have you moved on to level 2?

As I write this post, I have just completed day 12 of the challenge. That means I am in level 2. I am writing this on Wednesday night because we are leaving for a wedding and will be gone when this would need to post. I’m afraid that I may miss a day or two in our travels. I hope not, but it could happen. I’m taking the dvd with me. Hopefully we’ll have a dvd player. If we don’t, I’m going to just do what I can remember from the first two levels. Will that count?

By the looks of the comments in the original post, there are quite a few of us doing this challenge. I have been keeping in contact with a few of the girls on Twitter. They have been doing a great job. They haven’t missed a day yet. How about you?

Now it’s your time to take a minute for the 30 day challenge check in. Tell us how you are doing in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures with Jillian.

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