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Are you guys enjoying the Featured Runner Series as much as I am? Personally, I love reading about other runners and how they got to where they are now.  Chances are we have something more in common in addition to running.  Please welcome Rachel, our next runner in the series- give her a shout-out, a high-five, or a YEE-HAW! in the comments below.

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*The longest distance I have run was my 10k race in October 2012.

*I started running because I wanted to be able to participate in some fun local races that I kept hearing about and to lose weight. A year after I had my second child (Spring of 2011) I tried to participate in a local 5k trail race. I was so out of shape that I couldn’t even go one mile before a medical person had to help me back to the start line! It was so frustrating and embarrassing for me and I was at my highest weight ever-230 pounds! I had asthma issues and shin splints every time I tried to walk or jog more than a few minutes. I began to start small with just walking 10-15 minutes at a time; eventually working up to 2, 3 and 4 miles at one time!! I began participating in local races in the summer/fall of 2012 after I had been consistently walking/jogging for a year, as well as doing strength training and cardio dvds at home. I was able to participate in many virtual and local trail/road races this past fall. I have since lost 80 pounds (97 pounds total since birth of baby #2) and feel such a sense of accomplishment every time I participate in a race and finish because I never thought I would get to that point.

*I keep running to continue with my weight loss, to make my lungs and legs stronger, and to work on getting a faster walk/run ratio time.

*My most proud running moment was crossing the finish line of my 10k race with my husband beside me cheering me on and seeing my parents and boys waiting for me. I was able to accomplish 2 goals with that race-first, to start and finish my longest race successfully; and second, to get under 1:30 which I did!!

*I don’t have a BRF (best running friend) because I prefer to run alone outside. I use that time to get “in the zone” with my pace and listening to music. When I’m not training, I like to talk family walks with my boys and husband. Pushing the stroller while walking/jogging is a great workout.

*I love to listen to different running tracks on my iphone when I run. My favorites are the Prevention Magazine Power Music workouts and Shape Walk Top 40 hits Power Music.

*My favorite piece of running gear is my arm band that holds my iphone. I like to be able to see my aps and listen to music when I run. I don’t go on a walk or run without it!

*My dream race would absolutly be to run at the Disney Princess half marathon (or any Disney half marathon). I have it on my bucket list to do in the next couple of years. I want it to be my first half marathon.

*I have sometimes thought about throwing in the towel because sometimes its boring to train alone and listen to the same music, but then I think about how far I’ve come and how proud I want to feel to finish a race with better time.

*I use the Runkeeper app every time I run or walk outside (its not a good tracker for the treadmill). It’s my favorite running app! I also track my running calories burned by using my fitbit, Polar FT7 heart rate monitor and myfitnesspal app. I also recently got a Garmin forerunner watch to help me better track my distance and to help with training.

*I would advice a new runner to start slow with training and to build up to longer distances, to keep a slow and steady pace so you don’t burn out, and to use Jeff Galloway’s training methods of run/walk ratios.

*my blog address is: http://www.crafts-n-fitness.blogspot.com/

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