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It’s Tuesday, and I’m here to toot my horn! I haven’t  tooted in so very long and a big self pat on the back is long overdue.

This last month, I’ve made a big commitment to myself and to my body. I’ve been eating clean and detoxing…no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no caffeine (I KNOW). At first, I had serious doubts about whether or not I could hack it – I mean, I love LOVE love my coffee.  And typically when I can’t have something? I crave it even more.

Case in point? I was in the grocery store two days into my detox, with a raging headache from caffeine withdrawal, and apparently the bakery thought it would be a good time to taunt me with freshly baked bread, straight out of the oven.  Under normal circumstances, I don’t even really eat that much bread. But for some reason, my senses were heightened and I wanted to hurl myself over the bakery counter and go velociraptor on a baguette.

Somehow, I pulled through, made healthy purchases and got the heck out of that store.

I’m not saying I’ve been perfect. I’ve had a couple cups of black coffee. But the funny thing? I don’t actually CRAVE the coffee. Or the sugar. Which for me is something of a miracle.

Three weeks in, I must say I’ve learned more about my habits, triggers and addictions than in the previous 35 years of my life. I know that if I have a cookie, the floodgates open and I can’t control myself. Sugar is my kryptonite. My opiate. My drug of choice.

But not anymore. Now that I know the evil things it does to me, I’m making a commitment to myself to kick sugar to the curb. I’ve embraced raw honey. Stevia. The natural sweetness in a perfectly ripe piece of fruit. Truth? At first it was very difficult. But now, I can walk by the candy drawer in our house (yes, we still have one) and not stop for ‘just a few M&M’s’ five time a day.

Now that my detox is over, I’m starting to add things back into my diet so I can single out other foods I may have issue with. And when that week is done? Is it over?

That, folks, is a resounding NO.

I’m on a journey and I feel way too good to stop now. I feel like my body is waking up, and with it, I’m more balanced as a human, a wife, a mom.

As I move ahead, I’ll definitely keep you all posted. And if you’re interested in the program I’ve been using, you’ll want to check out EatCleanHealth. No gimmicks, no pills. It’s a lot of head work and a lot of reteaching yourself how to fuel and nourish yourself…body, mind and soul. Really good stuff.

So that’s my toot! What are YOU awesomely proud of this week? Don’t hold back…tell us!

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