Toot Your Horn Tuesday


It is Toot Your Horn Tuesday, my friends! It is that day of the week when we take bragging rights for something (or things) that we were awesome at in the past week. I know sometimes it’s hard to brag about yourself, but this is the place where it is a good thing. Everyone here is rooting for you and wants to hear what you’re doing. I’ll go first and get the ball rolling.

I was thrilled to read that I came in 1st place for my age group for the Foxy 5k walk. I walked it all by myself this time. It’s my first Sisterhood 5k that I have done alone. I got stopped by a train at one point and forgot to hit pause on Map My Walk. But, it was still okay. Yeah, 1st place! This is me and my medal when I got back.

So there you go. See, it’s not that hard at all. Think about your week. How did you do in the Foxy 5k? Maybe you did the 10k. Did you rock a new fitness class? Maybe you ate like a champ. There are things you probably haven’t even thought of.

Did you think of something? Okay then. Tell us all about it in the comments or leave your blog link if you wrote about it there. Keep being awesome and tooting your horns. I plan to!

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