Weigh-in Wednesday


Good morning, gang o’ mine! It’s Wednesday and that means it’s our weekly weigh in day. Studies have shown the weighing in on a regular basis increases your chances of success at weight loss. It’s the accountability that… counts! (sounds cheesy but you know it is true!).

So strip down to what your momma saw your arrive in on Day 1 in this world and go weigh yourself. I’ll wait. And as I wait I will be sipping on some water and planning my exercise for the day.  But make it quick youse guys (I  AM from NY and cannot bring myself to say ya’ll!). We have a lot to go over this morning!

OK, I hope you are back by now. First things first – how did it go? We want to hear about your victories – and challenges – in the comments. Don’t be shy! We are on this journey together! I am happy to report that at my WW weigh in this past week, I was down 2.6! I have a bit to go still before I rid myself of my vacation gain but it is good to know that things are heading in the right direction again and that perhaps I am down at least one fried clam platter.

Now that the weigh in is out of the way, I want to share with you a few things that are coming up here at The Hood soon!

1. The Group 7 Day Detox Summer Detox is launching just around the corner – Monday, Aug. 5! Everything you need to know about it, including how to get a nice Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans 20% discount and how to register can be found in this post by our very own nutrition expert, Jodi. I am going to be signing up for this because a) is it Sisterhood approved and b) it is a bit out of my comfort zone.

2. We will be having a new Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans weight loss challenge starting  NEXT WEEK! It will last for six weeks and will also feature a fitness component. More details will be coming out soon so make sure you keep checking back with us here or on our Facebook page.

3. Tomorrow is August 1 (yikes!) and that means another fitness calendar will be coming your way. I didn’t do so great with the arm challenge for July but I am raring to go for this one coming up.  I have a space all ready to go for it right on my refrigerator door so I will see what the assignment is every day.

That’s all for now gang. Don’t forget to hit us up in the comments!

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