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It’s been 12 days since our Summer Blowout challenge started here at the ‘hood. How are you holding up? Are you staying on track? Staying motivated? Have you found your groove with exercise? What about food? Are you eating better, getting your veggies and fruits? And the biggie for most people, are you drinking at least half your weight in water, good ol’ H2O?

Well if the answer to any of these questions is less than a resounding, “I’m doing AWESOMELY, AMAZINGLY GREAT on this challenge!” then I’m here to help you get your groove back! If you are doing great, help me out in the comments and tell us what you are doing to stay motivated!!

BUT….if you are starting to feel the “I don’t have time for this” or the “I don’t like to count calories” or maybe the “I can’t drink that much water cuz I don’t have time to pee 50 times a day” blahs this post is for you.

See part of my job as a writer here is to help motivate you. I’m going to start with this picture….

These two pictures are both of me; the left one is from the Spring of 2009. The one on the right is from Spring of 2013, exactly 50 pounds less than on the left.

Yes, they are taken 4 years apart. Yes, most of those 50 pounds came off in a period of 5 months this year. Yes, when I start getting down I pull this picture out and see just how far I’ve come. Seeing this really helps me see how far I have come!

My point? Find something that shows you how far you’ve come and look at it when you get down. Maybe some jeans that you’ve shrunk out of. Or maybe it’s a motivational sign or saying that you can print out and look at frequently. One of my favorite things to do when I need a little push to get back on track is to look on pinterest for motivation or to chat with the girls here at the ‘hood. Our Facebook page is a great place to ask for help if you need a push. There’s usually someone around that can give you that push…

What helps motivate you? Do you have a personal cheerleader in your family or circle of friends?  If not, I highly suggest finding someone that can cheer you on when you need that little extra push in the right direction. ***Studies show that having someone along for the ride helps you succeed in your journey.

Image source: Motivation

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