Sports Bra MEGA-Extravaganza Review + Giveaway


Enell, Shock Absorber, Moving Comfort, Panache.

What do all these companies have in common?  They make fantastic sports bra for women, meant to keep *the girls* in place- supported, comfortable and stylish!

Let’s take a look at each one, shall we?


The ENELL SPORT’s patented design eliminates bounce while providing superior support and comfort. Made from a LYCRA® Spandex blend (90% nylon/10% LYCRA®). The SPORT is a critical piece of athletic equipment that answers the prayers of well-endowed athletes.

I have to be honest, when I first saw this bra, I was a little intimidated.  It literally looks like a shield of armor for your breasts.  It has hooks all the way up the front and the straps are super wide.  The back was not your traditional *Target sports bra* back.  I put it on and again was struck by the sheer number of hooks I had to fasten together.  I adjusted the girls and got them in the right place.

At first, the bra was a little tight but I pulled down on the lower band and it felt a little better.  I went for a run in it and the girls did not bounce…..not once, not ever.  In fact, this sports bra was SO comfortable that I forgot it was even there!  I thought the thickness of the bra would be a problem with the amount of sweating I do when I run, but this bra has special wicking properties (like most of the high end sports bras) and I did not any more than I usually do.

Overall thoughts:  Highly functional, comfortable and extremely supportive.  I LOVE THIS BRA.

Available in 5 colors, sizing from 32C- 52DD (Enell *Find Your Fit*). Retails for $64.00


  • Infinity-8 design for scientifically proven support
  • Soft, seamless inner reduces repetitive friction injury
  • Wide, padded, non-slip straps with advanced technology
  • Reflective tape across cups for high visibility
  • Full back opening for easy on & off
  • Soft, gel, non-rub hook & eye for comfort
  • Moisture-wicking, advanced sports performance fabrics

This sports bra is lighter weight than some of the others but it still gets the job done- keeping the girls supported and in the right place, not flopping around.  I did find that I had to go up in band size (and down in cup size to get the correct, comfortable size) for me.  I am normally a 34DD BUT for this particular bra (and a few others), I have to adjust the band size or else I feel too constricted and like my blood flow is being cut off!  Once I got the right sports bra size (36D), I was off and running.  This bra supports the breasts, is comfortable while I run and exercise and has unique adjustable, back straps plus an upper back hook and eye clasp- I had never seen a back closure like this on a sports bra before.  The front straps are wide as well.

Overall thoughts:  My favorite thing about this bra (besides the comfort, the support and the sleek look) was how lightweight it is compared to some of the others!

Available in two colors.   Sizing from 30A-38F (they do sell other types of sports bras that are for larger sizes). Retails for $79.00.

Also, why should you wear a sports bra?  Shock Absorber tells you WHY!


JUBRALEE:  Jubralee has it all—support and comfort in a flattering design. She was rigorously tested in our biomechanics lab to ensure the best support and fit possible.

• Seam-free interior molded cups for support and shape • Subtle-contour cups give shape, modesty and maximum moisture transfer with a seamless look • Interior front yoke • Hidden side and under bust support • Shaped front adjustable straps with concealed hook-and-loop closure

• Adjustable soft padded back closure

Bari had a chance to try out the Jubralee and this is what she had to say about it:  I tried the Jubralee bra on my run this morning. It runs really small compared to the Juno but because it’s like a regular bra it was easy to put on/off. Girls didn’t move & no chafing on my 3 miles that I could tell.

Available in 9 colors. Sizing from 30B-44DD. Retails for $54.00.


Gravity-defying, super-supportive technical features combine innovation and moderate contouring in a powerhouse racer-back bra. Advanced, functional features in a flattering style.

• Seam-free interior molded cups for support and shape • Moderate-contour cups give shape, modesty and maximum moisture transfer with a seamless look • Shaped front adjustable straps with concealed hook-and-loop closure • Bonded material for less bulk, and smooth, no-chafe comfort

• Front and back mesh zones to keep you cool

I love my Juno bra and found it easy enough to put it on although getting it off took a little finesse!  Once I figured out that I could undo the shoulder straps before taking it off (and putting it on), I was A-OK.  The Juno is super-comfortable, supportive and gave my bust a nice shape- no uniboob here.

Overall thoughts:  I love love love the front adjustable straps- they allowed me to get in and out of my Juno without contorting my body in weird shapes.  Also, I was able to easily adjust the straps to give my breasts the right support.  And, the price of this sports bra is great for those of us who are sensitive to price : ).

Available in 4 colors. Sizing from 30C-40DD. Retails for $56.00.

Moving Comfort Sports Bra Fitting Room- includes info on Anatomy of a Sports Bra, Biomechanics, Expert Fit Tips, and a Sports Bra Finer. Pretty awesome informtion!


The Panache Sports bra offers the ultimate support for any sport, a firm favourite due to its supreme support and comfort whilst exercising. Available from a B-H cup in a choice of colours including Black, White, Grey & now in a new fashion raspberry colourway.

This sports bra arrived on my doorstep in a BOX.  When I opened it, the sports bra was literally STANDING UP, all by itself.  That is how much support it has!  Again, I was intimidated by this fact and that it too, looked like a shield of armor for my ta ta’s- I was concerned that if it had that much structure with no warm body in it that it would feel like cardboard when I had it on.  Alas, my fears were unfounded and this bra is totally comfortable.  The support is DEFINITELY there, with wide front straps, adjustable back straps, cup moldings, and a triple hook closure.

Overall thoughts:  LOVE!  This bra by far was the prettiest one I tried- absolutely beautiful.  I wore it once, washed it, and wore it again as soon as it was dry.  My breasts did. not. move, not even as I did jumping jacks!

Available in 4 colors. Sizing for 28DD-40GG. Retails for $68.00.

Take the Panache Bra Fit Challenge- are you wearing the right size bra?!

Want to win these fabulous SPORTS BRAS from ENELL, SHOCK ABSORBER, MOVING COMFORT AND PANACHE? Just enter the Rafflecopter below…and good luck!

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