Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge, Week 2 Check In


Hello there dear friends! How is everyone doing? How did Week 2 of the Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge go? Someone who I know whom shall remain nameless may have forgotten she had signed up for said challenge until it was her time to do a weekly check in post about it!

Confession, and a not big surprise, it was me. Overall I HAVE been making better food choices and drinking fewer adult beverages, but this past week my activity level was about as low as a person can get and still have a pulse! I have had a crazy work schedule for about a month now, filling in for colleagues who have been away for one reason or another. Add to this, my being on call for a long stretch of time. When I am on call it means I can get called in the middle of the night to have to go into action (I do sound like a spy or secret agent, however I am not!) Any time I am on call, my cell phone is next to my pillow and I don’t sleep well. I keep getting up off and on during the night to make sure that I did not miss an important call or text from work.

I am going to tackle Week 3 of the challenge with a renewed focus and vigor. I will be weighing in today and commenting below just like I hope you all will. We are here for support, ladies! And we draw from each other for motivation. I am not ready to throw in the towel.

So hit us up in the comments and answer these questions if you would be so kind:

  • How did you do this week?
  • What worked for you?
  • What area did you struggle a bit and want to focus on for the week ahead?

One lucky person who leaves a comment TODAY will win an awesome prize pack from Active Accessories and ToiletTree Products!

And remember, the overall challenge winner – the person with the highest percentage of weight loss –  will score a $100 Amazon gift card. Sweet!

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