True Confessions



It’s been a while since we’ve done a True Confessions post and after the past week I’ve had I feel the need to make some confessions lest you think that us girls on the Shrinking Jeans writing staff never have a bad week! You can thank me by sending dark chocolate! 🙂

**I had grand plans when I wrote about “refocusing” for the month of August by not drinking cokes and joining in on the Fab ABStravaganza Ab challenge. I got up Thursday morning and went to the fitness center and worked out. I even helped show a new resident the cardio equipment and showed her how to operate things. I went home and ate breakfast and showered then left for my son’s karate camp. I ate a light lunch and ran some errands. After running errands I decided I wanted a snack, so I stopped at Sonic and DID NOT order a coke BUT I ordered a diet cherry limeade and some FRIED cheese sticks! Cutting out one form of evil for another (for me!!) wasn’t smart!

What made it even LESS smart was that it made me SICK, as in FOOD POISONED sick!! I have never had food poisoning and I hope I never get it again! I went home (and had to have my son picked up by a friend) and immediately stripped in the garage, showered and fell asleep at 6:30 P.M. for the next 1 1/2 hrs! Then I drank a HUGE SPRITE to settle my stomach. There goes my no soda for the month of August streak!

I don’t think I will be ordering anything from Sonic for some time which will definitely help me in my coke drinking habit!

I was weak and blah till Saturday so I DID NOT workout on Friday morning. I did get up Saturday and Sunday and walk my Komen training walks but I was exhausted until Monday morning.

So…my confessions:

**I didn’t exercise Friday. Not only did I NOT exercise Friday but I basically sat on my couch and did nothing all day long!

**I didn’t do my Fab ABStravaganza till Monday morning.

**I still haven’t gotten back to doing the Yoga challenge to help with my stress levels. Have you??? Please let me know how you are doing with the yoga challenge! There’s a prize up for grabs if you report in with at least 12 yoga sessions from July 15th to August 15th! Report in on our facebook page or on twitter with the hash tag #shrinkingjeansyoga

**I was tired on Sunday and managed to take a 2 hour nap BUT when I woke up I went and got lunch at a burger place and ordered and DRANK a 32-ounce COKE!! I had a moment of guilt but I really wanted it!! I drank it and somewhat enjoyed it! 🙂

**I’m not expecting to see a loss on the scale on Wednesday morning because I have had several really bad days with the “eating properly” even though I had just decided I would do it right starting in August! Hopefully, I will be pleasantly surprised….

So regardless of what happens this week I am trying to remember to love myself and know that every day is a new day to do more with my goals for the month and beyond!

So…tell me what have you got to confess this week? Please tell me I’m not the only one who got a bad start to August!

Are you ready for our next new challenge? I NEED this challenge and from what I have heard around here so do a lot of the rest you.

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