A Little Inspiration | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s the last holiday weekend of the summer. Everyone is busy doing those last minute summer things. Maybe you are at the beach or at a cookout. I’m up in Michigan doing a wine tour. This is sometimes what many people call the end of summer. With the end of summer comes a return to routines and schedules. I know it does for me. My August has had little to do with fitness. It’s been busy and busier and most exercise went by the wayside.

I am taking September and reclaiming my health and fitness journey. I’m back to work after having the summer off. I’m back into a routine and exercise is a part of my schedule again. Maybe you are reclaiming your fitness too. I just thought maybe we could all use a little inspiration to get us started again. I hope you find something in here that sparks a fire for you. I know they have for me. Here’s to routines and schedules. I do so much better when I have them.

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