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The day after Labor Day is typically considered the first unofficial day of fall. Most of the kids are back in school and the moms are ready to get into a new routine for the fall. The temperatures are SUPPOSED to start being cooler although if you live in Texas and several other places around the country you may wonder if it will ever happen. Vacations which usually throw us off our game, are usually over by this time, as well. Once we have a little time to adjust to the new schedules things seem to go a bit smoother for us in the health and fitness area, too. I keep hearing on facebook that September is the new January.

Here’s a great article from Prevention magazine talking about this exact topic.

Do you feel that September gives you a fresh start to the rest of the year?

So….how will you adapt to the new fall schedule? Will you start fixing healthier meals? Will you exercise in the mornings? Or change to the evenings? Will you change the types of exercises you do or where you do them?

I know that I will be walking a lot more outside as the mornings are usually not as stifling hot starting in September. We also start a new karate schedule that will tie up our evenings and I plan to take advantage of this hour while my son is in karate to walk some hilly areas near the karate studio in preparation for the San Diego, Susan G. Komen 3-Day coming up in November. It’s time to kick the health and fitness into high gear as I have promised myself  by the end of this year I will be at my goal weight.  With 20 more pounds to go I have to start really getting at it to accomplish this goal.

So let’s start over and create something better in ourselves! What are you doing in September to help you achieve your goals?

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